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How We Were Founded

Tieng Viet Oi was founded in 2013 by Lan Nguyen and Hoang Anh Phan. Lan was a freelance Vietnamese teacher at the time whose schedule was so full that she wanted to find people with the same passion for teaching as her to share the workload and help each other grow. Hoang Anh was also a Vietnamese teacher working at a centre where profits were regarded more important than the quality of the lessons. He was frustrated and wanted to work in a more student - centred environment where the progress of the students is more important. That's how Lan and Hoang Anh came up with the idea of founding their own group of Vietnamese teachers where they promised to always stay true to their principals; fair treatment of their teachers and high quality lessons. And to this day, they're proud that they've been able to do so.

We offer Vietnamese classes. Our classes are currently held in various locations in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Students outside of our locations take online classes with us (via Skype or Google Hangout).

We have a Youtube channel dedicated to teaching Vietnamese. Head to our channel to enjoy free Vietnamese video lessons, listening materials for all levels and other fun Vietnamese-related stuff.

Our team is working hard to create more and more useful Vietnamese learning materials both for internal use and for students around the world.

What We Do

Our Team

One of the things we are most proud of is our teachers. Tieng Viet Oi teachers are chosen for their teaching ability, teaching experience, personality, passion for spreading Vietnamese language & culture and professionalism at work. 

Our team of teachers are dedicated to co-creating rich resources of Vietnamese learning and teaching materials. 

To learn more about our teachers, go to TVO Teachers.

At TVO, you can request a private teacher to study 1-1 or in a private group, request a teacher to study online (Skype) or register to join a group Vietnamese class with us. 

We offer Communication Courses for all levels as well as Special Courses for specific needs. Private classes are flexible in time and location, Group classes are held at our partner locations (quiet cafe shops with private room / space and whiteboard set up for classes) and all of our classes focus on teaching natural spoken language. We also work with various companies, Embassies, NGOs & English Centers etc to provide Vietnamese Lessons At Their Office

Our class fees are different depending on class types. Please go to the two course offerings links above for more details.

Our Class Offerings

Our Materials

We use Tieng Viet Co So by Nguyen Viet Huong, but only as the frame for our lessons. As we focus on practical and modern spoken Vietnamese, we have decided to search for the best materials from many different sources to use in our lessons. We have also created hundreds of clear, useful and practical worksheets and activities ourselves in order to give the best quality lessons.

We work online (by emails, messages and phone calls). To reach us, simply send us an email to info@tiengvietoi.com or a message (SMS/Viber/Whatsapp/Zalo) to +84 93 620 2393.

We do not have a physical office at the moment as everything is done online and our classes are held at various locations. If you'd like to meet us (our team) in person, you can go to one of our events. For information about our upcoming events, please go to our Facebook page.

How To Reach Us

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Hanoi, Da Nang & Ho Chi Minh City

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