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Learn Vietnamese Is Fun - and Here's Why

Updated: Jan 28

Learning Vietnamese or any tonal language, I believe, is truly fun. Ok, now you may say "WHAAT? You gotta be kidding!". Well, let me explain myself.

First, let's get this straight. The tones are driving you crazy, they're super duper hard to swallow, not to mention being fluent at speaking Vietnamese sounds like a catch-22 situation. But come on, it would be boring to learn a language that is exactly the same as your mother tongue. I mean, why bother learning anyways if you can simply use your own language instead?

Also, studies have shown that learning a new language is proven to help one become a funnier and happier person. It helps you release your muscle tension, balance blood pressure, and reduce the risk of diabetes... Ok, I may have made that up. But the point is, it is fun to learn a language. It helps you discover a new culture and look back at your own from a different angle. At Tieng Viet Oi, we've got students from all over the world. The majority of them live in Vietnam and that's why they learn Vietnamese - to speak to local people. A small number of our students, and an interesting bunch for sure, study Vietnamese from outside of Vietnam. Some learn Vietnamese to get ready to move to or travel to Vietnam, some want to talk to their spouse's family, some are Vietnamese overseas people who learn Vietnamese to understand their roots, and others learn to speak to the Vietnamese overseas people in their community.

All people who study with us learn Vietnamese for one reason: it's fun. (And of course, to be able to communicate with local Vietnamese too). We made a video to show you a fun way to memorize Vietnamese words, this is another one: words that are made by strangely combining two words together that sound funny. Watch this and tell us your favorite.

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