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How To Make Yes - No Questions in Vietnamese

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

This might be one of the slightly more tricky parts in learning Vietnamese but after watching this video, you'll probably find it as easy as a piece of cake (or I hope ;) ).

We've made a previous video on how to say Yes and No in Vietnamese. This video, on the other hand, focuses on the other part - how to make yes-no questions. It is pretty important to answer a Yes-No Vietnamese question with an appropriate Yes or No, so make sure you'll watch both of those videos, because something like:

- Em đang ăn phở phải không? (You're eating Pho right?)

- Có (Yes)

can slightly confuses your local neighbors.

So, here you go - how to ask a proper yes-no question in Vietnamese:

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Cảm ơn nhé!

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