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Vietnamese Listening Practice for Beginners - Shopping at The Market

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

While in an Asian country, I bet we all go to a local market at least once. And even though there are more and more mini-marts, supermarkets and convenience stores in every corner of the streets in big cities in Vietnam, local markets have an undeniable charm. You'll always get the freshest most tasty food from a morning market. The smell of fresh vegetables, the cheery noise and the morning hurry all make it jubilant to go for a local market instead of an air conditioned mart.

As a foreigner in this beautiful city, you'll have a great time at the local markets because people usually are very helpful when there's language barrier. And you'll be able to learn Vietnamese too!

If you think it's too hard understanding local people at the market, we've made a video just for you. Practice your listening and learn new words / phrases to use next time you go buy something. It'll make the sellers very happy and even willing to give you a good deal.

Have fun :)

Apart from this, you may want to learn 100 most useful Vietnamese phrases to help you speak naturally like a local.


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