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Vietnamese Time Prepositions

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

English can drive non-native crazy by its unexplainable use of prepositions. For example, a friend of mine told me her story when she came to a friend's place. Her friend has a lovely dog. When my friend came there, the dog got really happy, ran up to her and started licking her hands. My friend, unfortunately, is not a dog person. She got annoyed and told the dog "Get me off!" (She meant "Get off me"). Her friend laughed so hard at her and she had no idea why...

If you're learning a foreign language, you'll understand how hard and confusing things can get. Lucky for you if you're learning Viet because in Vietnamese, prepositions are simple. Today's video shares with you two, and only two prepositions we use to tell time in Vietnamese.

I hope this video helps you a lot more in understanding why Vietnamese get messed up with English prepositions so much and also helps you learn something new :)

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