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Learn Vietnamese with TVO | YES/NO in Vietnamese

No more confusion! All the different ways to say YES and NO in Vietnamese are explained well and clear in this video. Answers for the practice questions:

1 - Có - không

2 - Ừ/ vâng - không

3. Rồi - chưa

4. Ừ/ vâng - không

5. Có - không


Tieng Viet Oi is a Vietnamese Teaching Group aimed at providing fun/ friendly and practical Vietnamese lessons to all expats living in Vietnam and foreigners interested in learning the language. We're currently based in Hanoi an Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).

Contact us for one on one, group or Skype lessons at:

Phone: +84 1649583167 (Lan) +84 936202393 (Hoa)




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