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TVO's Podcast Transcript | E02

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

When talking to Vietnamese people, whether you're a foreigner or a native, you must have been asked questions like:

"How old are you?"

"Have you had a boyfriend/girlfriend yet? When are you getting married?"

“How much do you make a month? How much do you pay for rent?”

and tons of other private questions! In episode 2 of Season 1, we will “decipher” these questions together when you talk to Vietnamese people, as well as give some explanations, personal views of the two hosts, and suggestions on how to answer them! Have a listen and let's stay true to our slogan: “Stop staying, start living in Vietnam”!

Have a listen at:

Also we have attached the transcript to assist your learning. Hope you enjoy it!

EPISODE 02_ Giải mã các câu hỏi riêng tư
Download PDF • 191KB

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