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Xin chào,

Vietnamese Speaking Contest "The Perks Of Learning Vietnamese" is a contest for all of our students, followers and subscribers. This is an opportunity to share your love for Vietnamese language by showing off your Tiếng Việt  and win a 10-hour Vietnamese course with TVO - completely free. That's right! 


By submitting a video of you speaking Vietnamese about the given topic "The Perks Of Learning Vietnamese"  (details below)

Requirements for the video:

- Video duration should be between 2 and 3 minutes

- Video quality and sound quality should be considerably good (clear video and audio that people can watch easily)

A few suggestions for the video topic:

- Some of your good memories  while learning Vietnamese

- A funny story about you speaking Vietnamese

- Advice for new Vietnamese learners

- How speaking Vietnamese has helped you in your life

- Why should people learn Vietnamese

- A just-for-laugh video speaking Vietnamese

- etc


All of the videos submitted will be uploaded on to TVO's Youtube channel for our subscribers to watch and vote (by clicking the "like" button). You will be able to share your video to gain votes for the period of  one week since the date the video is published.


Five videos with the most likes on Youtube will be given points from 10 to 50 (10 for the one having the least likes and 50 for the one having the most likes).

After that, our 3 judges will discuss and give each of the 5 videos points between 1 and 10. 


The winning video is the one with the highest total points.

If that's your video, you will immediately receive a FREE 10-hour Vietnamese course with TVO.


You should send your video to no later than  Sunday, April 19th 2020.  

Email  title: "VNM Speaking Contest_(Your Name)"

Please introduce  a little bit about yourself in the email for us to know you better.

For questions, please contact us through our email above.

TVO Team

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