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Learn Vietnamese with TVO

Our curriculum at Tieng Viet Oi is thoughtfully structured into four main levels to ensure a tailored learning experience for every student:

  • Beginner (36 hours): Our Beginner level is perfect for those starting from scratch, divided into two sublevels – Beginner and Upper Beginner, each with 18 hours of engaging lessons. By the end of this stage, you’ll confidently introduce yourself, hold basic conversations, and comprehend simple texts in Vietnamese.
  • Elementary (48 hours): At the Elementary level, consisting of two sublevels – Elementary and Upper Elementary, each with 24 hours of instruction, you’ll deepen your language skills. Expect to comfortably discuss everyday topics, read and write basic texts, and gain a solid foundation in Vietnamese.
  • Intermediate (57 hours): The Intermediate level, split into Intermediate and Upper Intermediate sublevels, with 28,5 hours each, is where you’ll refine your language abilities. You’ll engage in more complex conversations, write coherent texts, and understand a wide range of topics, bridging the gap to fluency.
  • Advanced (63 hours): Our Advanced level, comprising Pre-Advanced and Advanced sublevels, each with 31,5 hours of instruction, is designed for proficient speakers. Here, you’ll master advanced vocabulary, articulate your thoughts eloquently, and confidently navigate various social and professional settings in Vietnamese.

Each level includes a review session and a comprehensive test to gauge your progress. Our objective is simple – to equip you with the language skills and confidence needed to thrive in real-life situations and build lasting connections through the beauty of the Vietnamese language.

our coursebooks

Learn Vietnamese with TVO

At Tieng Viet Oi, we understand that finding effective Vietnamese learning materials can be a daunting task, especially when compared to languages like English, Chinese, or French. Even though there are more and more books being published, the ones that we have come across all have the same problem: The language that is taught is too formal or old fashioned and not very natural in the context of modern daily use.

That’s why we took matters into our own hands, crafting a curriculum and coursebooks that adhere to three fundamental principles:

  • Introduce only natural, daily spoken language,
  • Employ practical and common examples
  • Foster learning through lots of practices and speaking activities.

Many of the materials in our coursebooks were contributed by generations of teachers at TVO, drawing from over six years of teaching Vietnamese to foreigners. Our materials are designed to be casual, approachable, and grounded in real-life contexts. No more complex explanations and technical jargon – at Tieng Viet Oi, we’re committed to making your Vietnamese learning experience enjoyable, realistic, and easy to follow.