Learn Vietnamese with Tieng Viet Oi
Learn Vietnamese with Tieng Viet Oi

Tieng Viet Oi – Vietnamese Lessons was established in 2013 by Lan Nguyen and Hoang Anh Phan, two passionate and dedicated Vietnamese teachers. At the time, Lan was a freelance teacher whose schedule was brimming with students. She realized the importance of finding like-minded individuals who shared her passion for teaching and could help alleviate the workload while fostering personal growth. Similarly, Hoang Anh was working at a center where profit overshadowed the quality of lessons, leaving him frustrated and longing for a more student-centered environment that prioritized progress.

It was from these shared experiences that Lan and Hoang Anh conceived the idea of creating their own group of Vietnamese teachers. Their vision was clear: to establish a community that would always remain true to their principles of fair treatment for teachers and the delivery of high-quality lessons.

Since its inception, Tieng Viet Oi has proudly upheld these values. Our commitment to fairness ensures that our teachers are respected, supported, and given opportunities to develop professionally. We believe that when teachers are valued, they can provide the best learning experience for students.

The cornerstone of our approach is a student-centered environment. We prioritize the progress and individual needs of each student, tailoring our lessons to ensure effective learning outcomes. Our teachers are passionate about helping expats in Vietnam master the Vietnamese language, embracing cultural nuances, and connecting with the local community.

At Tieng Viet Oi, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive and engaging learning environment that inspires students and nurtures their language skills. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to empower learners, foster cultural exchange, and promote a love for the Vietnamese language.