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our class offerings

TVO Group classes

Suitable for people with stable availability,

enjoy meeting other Vietnamese learners,

and like to study in a group class setting.

- Communication-based lessons

- Our own developed curriculum,

course book & course materials

- Lots of speaking practice & activities

private classes

Suitable for those with changing schedules,

have special learning needs & requirements,

& study better when in a private class setting.

- Face-to-face & Online Lessons

- Flexible schedule & location

- Study at your own pace

Regular Class Types
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*5% of TVO monthly profit goes to Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

One on on lessons

TVO group classes



We run level-based group classes in Hanoi. Our course levels include Beginner - A1, Elementary - A2, Intermediate - B1, Upper Intermediate - B2 and Advanced - C1. Currently group classes are not available in other cities.


Group classes are held at our Hanoi office at No 1 Lane 123 Van Cao street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi. The class size is 3-7 students. There are morning, afternoon, evening and weekend classes. In order to receive updated information about our upcoming group classes, you will need to sign up to be on our wait list. We will send new class announcements by email to our students in the waitlist.

Once you've joined a class, you should try to attend at least 85-90% of the lessons. Each student is entitled with maximum 3 make-up sessions for the lessons they miss during one course. These sessions are done online or sometimes before/after an actual lesson of the course (this could be discussed between the student and the teacher).


One course is between 22.5 hours to 30 hours long including reviews and tests. One lesson is 1.5 hours. Courses are usually twice a week or once a week. It takes between 2 months and 5 months to finish one course depending on its frequency. 


TVO use our own curriculum, course book and course materials in our group classes. Our curriculum has been developed by our academic team as well as our teachers based on 7 years of experience teaching Communication Vietnamese (since 2013). As students, you will be provided with a course book or course materials at the start of your course.


Payment should be made before the start of a group course and should be made in full amount. Please read the table below for details about the fees for each course. 

private classes



We offer both online and face-to-face private classes. Face-to-face classes are for students living in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. Online classes are for students living outside of these locations. 



Study 1-1 with one of our teachers or study in a small group of your own. We offer private group classes for couples and friends that would like to take lessons together and enjoy the flexibility of a private class. Class size is 2-5 people.


Study at a time and location suitable to you. If you live in our city locations, lessons can be done at home, at a coffee shop or at your office. If you live outside of our class locations, lessons can be done online using Skype or Zoom. Our teachers are available between 7AM and 11PM Vietnam time. 



Lesson duration is normally 1.5 hours, but this can be adjusted depending on your preference. The shortest lesson time we offer for this class type is 1 hour for face-to-face lessons and 30 minutes for online lessons. 



Lessons usually focus on Communication Vietnamese but can be tailored to better fit your needs. Our teachers will make lesson plans following our curriculum and use both our own developed materials and other materials available in the market to better accommodate students' learning requests. 


The prices are different for different class sizes. Take a look at the following table:

The first lesson is a trial and it will be free of charge if you decide not to continue afterwards. After that, payment should be made for 30 hours including the trial; and payment should be made prior to the second lesson. The package fees are applied for 30 hour packages. If you sign up for less than 30 hours, hourly rates are applied.

To sign up, click 'Sign Up" below and fill out our enrollment form.

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TVO Group
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