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"Đồ" - The Magic Word And Why Vietnamese Is Easy.

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Lots of people give up Vietnamese so quickly because at the beginning, all the tones and pronunciation got them wiped out. I know, but hold it right there! I'm gonna give you a few cool reasons not to give up and trust me, if you learn Vietnamese this way, you'll never get tired of it. So here goes.

*Drum rolls*

Vietnamese is easy! How easy?


We have no complicated tenses.

If you want to refer to the future, the only thing you have to do is to add 'sẽ' before the verb. The same for past tense, we have 'đã' and present continuous tense 'đang'.


Tôi SẼ đi Sapa - I WILL go to Sapa.

Tôi ĐÃ đi Sapa - I WENT to Sapa.

Tôi ĐANG đi Sapa - I AM going to Sapa.

Imagine how confusing things can be if we have all the "will đi" and "đied" and "điing" going on. Phew!


Vietnamese words don't suddenly and confusingly change their spellings. Beautiful is ĐẸP, beautifully is also ĐẸP. The only words (as far as I can think of) that are the closest to changing spelling is: NGHĨ - to think and TƯỞNG - thought (past tense of 'to think') but then again they look like completely different words.


Vietnamese vocabulary has its own logic. If you learn one word, you'll know a few more that are related to it. An example - ĐỒ. I've made a video about this (I'd like to call) Magic Word. Have a look :)

You see. Learning Vietnamese is not too difficult if you know how to start. If you find pronunciation too hard, it's okay. Do it step by step and eventually you'll get there. For now, enjoy the fun of Vietnamese by learning those random (but truly logical) words. Stay tuned for more to come!


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