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How To Tell Your Nationality & Job in Vietnamese

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Learning Vietnamese as a beginner can be demotivating sometimes because there seem to be too many crazy new things about this language like the tones, the weird letters of the alphabet and all kinds of "I"s and "You"s. However, if you look at learning Vietnamese from a different aspect you will actually realize it's a fun language to learn. This week video will show you where our Xe Om drivers get their job title from, how saying "I'm an English teacher" doesn't make others misunderstand whether you're a 'teacher from England' or a 'teacher who teaches English'. In this video, we'll talk about how to tell your nationality and job and believe me, you're gonna love it!.

Start learning Vietnamese today and talking to that next door local family who you've always wanted to say Hi to.

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